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digital foundry Posted a video analysis ofHorizon Forbidden West Update 1.16.1It shows the improvements of this update and confirms that it has fixed some issues with 60fps mode, making it visually more beautiful. According to the magazine, it is now the best graphics mode for playing the Guerrilla video game on PS5.

It was shown that the vegetation issue that was present from D1 had been completely removed in Horizon Forbidden West. Digital Foundry explains that the game still uses a chessboard rendering solution that results in a 3200 x 1800 image, but the change has been Anti-disturb system which uses a previous framework that has already been processed by AA, along with the new, unprocessed framework, to create the final processed version. Previously it used two unprocessed frames to create the new frame.

Then it is determined that update 1.16 offers some bug fixes and more big changes To the game, such as the way the camera works, the position and intensity of light sources, as well as color gradations. The changes are massive according to Digital Foundry and it’s not unusual for a developer to change many technical aspects of a game. The magazine then congratulates Guerrilla for what he has done with Horizon Forbidden West.

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