Valtellina Mobile First images from the new webcam on the Forney Glacier

The first images are sent 24 hours later from the new webcam installed on Forni Glacier. The first night of the device at an altitude of 3135 meters went well. The first storm, the battery exceeded 100%, the operating parameters in the benchmark, the signal is not ideal, but we are confident that he can continue to do so.
Marco Trezzi
Yesterday’s news Today, a major project signed by the Lombard Glaciological Service has begun. The powerful dual-lens, 210-degree panoramic webcam is now watching over the Fürni glacier in Valfurva. It is set on a beautiful rock along the southwestern ridge of the Palon de la Mare, at an altitude of 3135 metres, and it will take snapshots and time intervals from Punta Link to Tresero and beyond, to obtain a unique and comprehensive view of the entire glacial systems of the Forney: eastern, central and western . It will be useful for science to understand how our glacier develops throughout the year. We are crossing our fingers for the continuity of the 4G signal, it is not very strong in the area, but it is there, also for the battery during the winter period its solar panel is a bomb and therefore we depend on it, in the winter I hope it does not make jokes because waking up to January is not exactly a healthy walk. Tomorrow we should be able to see the first shots if our work is successful, and after the trial period the slots will be available on
We ask all mountaineers who may be in the area not to touch the webcam, and also to be careful if you walk over it so that no stones fall on it.
Marco Trezzi

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