We can lose fat and lose weight on the abdomen and hips just by walking but we must do it this way to get results

There are many studies that would demonstrate the benefits we can get from walking, especially if they are consistent over time. We can reduce your risk of developing heart disease or experiencing diabetes-related problems with the least amount of worry. Keeping blood sugar under control allows you to cope with metabolic diseases without being exclusively attached to drugs, gradually lowering triglycerides to a predetermined minimum.

Doing this every day even with moderate intensity, the body will receive positive stimuli and create a generalized preventive action against many diseases. Also from a psychological point of view we will get benefits. Walking will help form positive thoughts because we will produce more serotonin and endorphins. The good mood hormone affects the state of happiness and is linked to the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the wake-wake cycle. Endorphins perform antidepressant functions.

Continuity and commitment

We can lose fat and lose weight if we engage in demanding activities. This also applies to walking. Surely taking 5,000 steps or 10,000 steps will produce results, but we will have to face many difficulties. We must make a psychological effort to confront the physical person who will not be indifferent and we must continue our commitment. Doing a lot of kilometers in the first few days and then quitting smoking will lead to counterproductive work that may discourage us from making any other activity difficult.

If we want to make sure that we do not fall into the temptation to give up, we can adopt a very simple training method, which requires little time and little effort. However, this training, performed daily, can allow us to lose weight slowly and steadily until we reach results similar to those that would lead to activities that are more difficult to sustain. Let’s see what it is.

We can lose fat and lose weight on the abdomen and hips just by walking but we must do it this way to get results

There are two basic rules, the first is about speed, which should never go on, and the second is about rotation. Especially for beginners, or for those starting to exercise again after a long period of inactivity, alternating between running and walking may be essential to benefit the heart, lungs, and muscles.

Then we divide the training session into two parts. For the first 20 minutes we alternate between 20 seconds of slow walking and 10 seconds of slow jogging. For the remaining 10 minutes, we only and exclusively do brisk walking. It takes about 30 minutes to walk every day without those awful efforts that may cause us injuries or pain. There will be no psychologically stressful commitment and we will not risk quitting after the first sessions. It doesn’t take much to keep fit at any age. What is important is consistency and, as usual, a proper and balanced diet.

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