“We got into a fight, but it was the right thing to do”

They said yes I do, in front of 200 guests. They were all there yesterday at Labico at the resort of Chef Antonello Colonna, friends and relatives of Alberto Mattano and Riccardo Manino. To run the union, which lasted 15 years, was the couple’s historic girlfriend Mara Venier who on Pride Day in Rome sealed the love between the former Tg1 half and his accompanying cassation attorney. “A lot of happiness.” This is Aunt Mara’s wish for Alberto and Ricardo.

Alberto Matano, marrying Ricardo Manino. “They have pure love.” Singers, actors and politicians at the wedding

Alberto and Ricardo and yes I want it

The party continued in the gardens of the site, a place unique between nature and architecture, to the sound of jazz music and the emotional dedications of the newlyweds. Among the guests at the wedding were many famous faces including conductor Fabio Canino, former M5s minister Vincenzo Spadafora, Giuliano Sangiorgi de Negramaro, and former Tg1 teammates Costanza Crichimpini, Emma de Aquino and Maria Luisa Bossi. . And again, Claudio Santamaria, Francesca Parra and writer Luca Bianchini.

Crisis before the wedding

Yesterday it was magical but before starting to formalize Yes I Do Alberto and Riccardo faced a crisis. It was revealed to Corriere della Sera by the same journalist from La Vita in Diretta: Over the weekend, I went into a crisis. I thought of everything around us, of the external dimension of something that particularly worries us. In the evening, at home, we talked, argued, clashed, hugged and decided that it was the right thing to do. Today we celebrate a love that deserves a formal dress. And it is true that their love deserved to wear a uniform, and what a uniform.

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