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According to Reddit players, starfield It will also allow us to visit Earth: it is actually possible to see that Our planetary system It was included in a galaxy map featured in the gameplay video shown at Xbox & Bethesda Game Shows 2022 on June 12.

Starfield . Map

If you look at the top left, above the blue pointer and above the words “Alphja Centauri” and “Narion”, you can see a dot with the words Sol (aka Sun in Latin). This is almost certain in our planetary system. Given that it would be possible to visit more than 1,000 planets in the Starfield, it seems reasonable that Earth would be included as well.

However, remember that Starfield is set in 24th century: The land in the game can be completely different, or it can be completely destroyed. It will all depend on how Bethesda decides to approach the storytelling of the game world.

Also, according to another Reddit user, he may have appeared in a Starfield video Mars and vehicle opportunities. Here’s the picture.

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Finally, we leave you with all the other announcements for Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase 2022.

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