Weather and Astronomy. June 14, 2022, the strawberry full moon arrives. Here are the details «3B Meteo

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2022 first date with Super Moon. The display will be visible from all over Italy on the evening of Tuesday 14 June also thanks to the prevailing conditions of clear weather. The moon will be full at 13:52 but Minimum distance from Earth (perihelion) 357,433 km It will happen in 11 hours in hours 01:23 on June 15 Then the night. So the best time to observe our satellite is in His greatest robe will be around midnight of the fourteenth. difference 7-10% more Compared to a normal full moon but it can be well appreciated with the naked eye. The full moon in June is also called the full strawberry moon In honor of the delicious fruit that is harvested in this month. The Next appointment with The second and final super moon of 2022 It will only be in a month, exactly on July 13 When the minimum distance of our satellite from Earth is less than 357,263 km, it will be little more super From the 14th of June.

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