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Moscow has declared that it views “positively” the Vatican’s initiatives to end the war: a declaration that follows increased caution on the part of Francis. But are there concrete “windows”?

Vatican City – He flies He made it clear that he viewed “positively” the dialogue initiatives of Holy See Aiming to put an end to hostility in ukraine: The sign is important because it was launched at a moment of negotiation, but it is recursive in contentaimed more at humanitarian aid than conflict resolution, which was formulated with long times in mind rather than immediate possibilities.

In the Vatican he was greeted with the same thing and speculated by “good” but without illusions on its potential operational impact.

Here are the highly calculated words that the Director of the First European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexei Paramonov, entrusted to RIA Novosti this morning: “The leadership of the Vatican has repeatedly declared its readiness to provide any possible assistance to achieve peace and the status of an end to hostilities in Ukraine. These allegations have been confirmed In practice we maintain open and confidential dialogue On a series of issues, mainly related to the humanitarian situation in Ukraine ».

Paramonov’s clarification was then explicit that a positive attitude is a strategic and framework, and not aimed at immediate initiatives: “All the initiatives of the Holy See and Pope Francesco which can lead to peace in Europe are looked upon with great respect and, of course, can be demanded if appropriate preconditions are given.”

Finally, the diplomat made his usual complaint about the behavior of Ukrainians – “We are dealing with people who are out of any authority” – as if to repeat it At the present time there are no “assumptions” that could lead to a peace initiative by the Holy See.

The signal is important because it is the first to arrive directly from Moscow after the trade calmed down due toInterview given by the Pope on May 3 with Coursera
. But it should be noted that in that interview, Francis emphatically emphasized his desire to “go to Moscow” for meeting with Putin Thus, today’s pronouncements do not provide any “window” in response, even indirectly, to the papal demand.

“Finestrina” was exactly the word the Pope used to refer to the opening of the door of credit toward the papal demand. He has already emphasized that Moscow always looks with positive attention to papal moves Russian Ambassador to the Vatican Alexander Avdeev, having just read the Pope’s interview: “In any international situation, dialogue with the Pope is important for Moscow. And the ink is always welcome, wanted and interlocutor.” So we are always on our attention, without any new window.

But why do these soothing words come today, if there are no signs of real novelty in them? to provide a Officially charitable response, introductory but also disruptive, to the Pope’s continued insistence on humanitarian emergencies and the necessity of a halt to the fighting. But maybe also recognition More caution in the words and gestures observed by the Pope and his collaborators over the past forty days.

The Russian diplomats certainly did not miss it In recent weeks, the Vatican stopped the papal dream of visiting Kyiv, constantly urged by the Ukrainian side. And Francesco’s collaborators had not escaped any possibility of dialogue, to the point of listening to the space one morning of the somewhat unreliable initiative of Matteo Salvini’s mission in Moscow.

As growing wisdom in the gestures of the Vatican, the abandonment of any Russian presence on May 31 at the Papal Rosary at the end of the Marian month, as the Ukrainian presence was instead strong: a concession to be made in connection with the presence of a Ukrainian woman and a Russian lady on Via Crucis on The Great Friday. Presence hurt the sensitivity of both parties. Here is the squaring of the circle: for the Vatican and the most prudent Pope, the most favorable words from Moscow are suitable. At the moment there is nothing but boiling in the pot.

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