What pasta to eat for high blood sugar: here is the answer

We are talking about hyperglycemia, or hyperglycemia, when the level of glucose in the blood, determined in the morning on an empty stomach, exceeds 100 mg / dL and when values ​​\u200b\u200b>140 mg / dL are recorded after eating two hours after a meal.

After blood tests, in people who had the first comparison of fasting blood glucose, the data should be confirmed with a second sample followed by control glycated hemoglobin, or average blood glucose levels for the past three months.

The patient’s medical and family history are always accompanied by a blood glucose value. In people with first-degree relatives, they are affected by diabetes and blood glucose between 110-125 mg/dL. We recommend the implementation of oral glucose loading, in more detail it deals with the assessment of fasting blood glucose for blood sampling and two hours after ingestion of 75 g of glucose by mouth. With values ​​above 200 mg / dL, a test for diabetes is performed.

Subsequently, responses with blood glucose <140 mg/dL two hours after the meal return to normal, while in the range between 141-199 mg/dL we are talking about reduced carbohydrate tolerance.

What pasta to eat for high blood sugar: here’s the answer.

High blood sugar during fasting and limited carbohydrate tolerance are very risky conditions for developing diabetes. Fighting high blood sugar also means making sacrifices at the table. For example, one of all the types of pasta we see now is best to consume so as not to raise your blood sugar levels.

Pasta, contrary to what is believed, is a food that should not be removed. Rather, it is consumed in appropriate quantities and combined with appropriate foods. Uncooked pasta has a higher glycemic index than pasta fried with extra virgin olive oil and vegetables.

Vegetables, especially leafy ones, are an excellent companion for keeping blood sugar levels stable. When combined with pasta, it makes the absorption of sugars in the intestines slower. Thanks always to the luxury of soluble fiber that forms a kind of gel inside the stomach which prevents its absorption along with the good fats of the oil. Fish is a low glycemic food.

It provides proteins that help maintain blood sugar after a meal because it reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from the pasta.

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