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Patriarch Kirill, the wife of former Prime Minister Medvedev, state TV presenter Nelia Asker-Zade, and other top Russian executives traveled in luxury private jets that departed from the hangars of a seemingly insignificant small company in San Marino. The unidentified Skyline Aviation, headquartered at 99 Consiglio dei Sessanta (10 minutes from Rocca, 20 from Rimini), with 40 million Gulfstream G450s and 3 Bombardiers, ended up unexpectedly in the sights of the US Treasury Who haunts the estates of the oligarchs closest to the Kremlin.

Russian Public Bank

Few of the official bureaucratic lines are sunk among the hundreds of names in the long dossier released on June 2 that puts new pressure on the Russians from Biden. Beyond the limited practical effects (the Washington Treasury provision affects only goods and transactions on US soil), the message is clear: Let’s get 360 degrees. In the background we can glimpse a story that is still unclear The role of Skyline will be the front company, in the center of Romania, of a large Russian public bank Vtb, for twenty years the undisputed fiefdom of an iron-clad (and therefore multi-sanctioned) Putin, Andrei Kostin.

Black list

The Americans have blacklisted Skyline Aviation for flights to Crimea and Ukraine Identify a plane with the initials T7-OKY. The San Marino Corporation, in addition to its management, will have an interest in the property. Ownership scheme where Vtb-controlled aircraft ended up in the offshore company of CEO Kostin’s Chief of Staff. This close collaborator with Kostin, who has not been named, will continue to operate private jets via Skyline. Kostin and Vtb have already been sanctioned, and now it’s up to the Skyline and its associated T7-OKY aircraft, which are clearly credited, albeit indirectly, assets.

Diplomatic tissue

Let’s try to understand each other more. First of all: Why did you decide in Moscow in 2016 to create a private airline in the small country? A little tax, quick action and some outdated secrecy (the shareholders in San Marino companies are not public) help, especially if diplomacy has been planted. The axis with Russia had become very close in recent years, culminating in the 2019 visit of Foreign Minister Serge Lavrov, who landed a government plane in Rimini on March 20 and left again on the morning of March 21 after celebrations in Romania with him. 69 years old. Sputnik then arrived from Russia and vaccinated most of San Marino’s 33,000 residents.

watercress license

The attack on Ukraine broke the honeymoon with Putin. San Marino, like Switzerland, abandoned its historical neutrality, supported sanctions and ended up on Moscow’s blacklist. And in the organizational chart of the diplomatic network, Moscow steelmaker Vladimir Lisin, honorary consul of San Marino in Russia since 2002, was omitted. Skyline received a Coa certificate (Air Operator Certificate) from the San Marino Civil Aviation Authority six years ago, that is, the license for the whole world For non-scheduled passenger air transportation, with the national registration prefix T7. Headquarters in the same residence as the Aviation Authority in San Marino. Skyline is currently in liquidation with license suspended. The man who ran it for years, Oleg Gurov, a 54-year-old Russian, has been the liquidator since last November. It is not clear what happened to the five aircraft in the meantime: Bombardier Global Express ($45 million, 950 km / h, 11,000 km of autonomy, up to 19 passengers), two other business jets of the same family, but with slightly higher performance, less Slightly and 40 million Gulfstream G450 that can carry 14 to 19 passengers at a speed of more than 900 km / h for more than 6 thousand km.

oligarchy travels

Patriarch Kirill has traveled in Moscow several times on this luxurious aircraft with a T7-ZZZ license plate. This is recounted in inquiries made in recent years by Russian blogger Alexei Navalny, imprisoned since 2021, and other Russian free information sites, according to which travel records have been manipulated. But crossing the flight paths with the official moves of various advocates of Russian nomenclature, it was confirmed, for example, that the Gulfstream T7-ZZZ on August 25, 2017 was in Kurgan, a few meters from Kirill, when the Orthodox archbishop arrived in the Siberian city of Russia in his official visit. It won’t be the patriarch’s only trip on the luxury plane. According to the Orthodox Church, those responsible for these services are special shepherds.

Medvedev’s wife

According to other sources, the same plane was also used by former Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, Putin’s trustee Nikolai Tsukanov and many high-ranking officials. Svetlana Medvedev, wife of former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, traveled on Skyline’s Bombardier in San Marino. And TV journalist Nailya Asker-Zade who for years has been in a relationship with Kostin, number one in Vtb Bank. Special services provided with public bank funds? In fact it is not clear who Skyline is even if the Americans had a connection with Vtb.

The Magic Circle of the Kremlin

According to the liquidator, Oleg Zhurov, he is also the director of another company, the Russian company “Business Aero”, which uses aircraft owned by the company “VTP”. Who is one of the two shareholders of Business Aero? Alexander Vorontsov, Chief of Staff of Kostin. Among other things, Skyline and Business Aero use the same mail server. So, even if Skyline does not have a direct, transparent and official relationship with Vtb, which is directly linked to the Russian company of Chief of Staff Kostin. With his planes for years he led the lucky ones belonging to the magic circle of the Kremlin’s power at a price of 7 thousand euros per hour, and surrounding areas.

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