Who will be reconfirmed and who will not

News men and women. Many fans are wondering who will be returning to the show’s studios in September and who won’t. In recent days, various rumors have been circulating, both on the throne and on the classic dating show directed by Maria de Felipe. Some have an iota of truth, others are improbable and fanciful.

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Many portals indicate that the . file Ms Known more than the throne, i.e. Turin Gemma Galgani, may not be reconfirmed before a program. The rumor has not been found to be true at the moment. That’s why, in all likelihood, the woman will be the hero in the next season of transition. Fans can rest assured: they will see other fiery duels between Piedmont and volcanic Tina Cipolari.

The other face that will return to step into De Filippi’s studies, except for last minute vicissitudes, will be a face Ida plane tree. The Lady from Brescia, the absolute hero of the recently concluded season, will once again be at the center of the dynamics of the show. Rumors about Riccardo Guarnieri are conflicting, but it is likely that he will be back.

The existence of Biagio Di Maro, Fabio Nova and Katia Franchi, sister of the designer Elisabetta, remains uncertain. However, there is little doubt about the fact that Armando Encranato, Pinocia and Alessandro will return to the hall.

about the classic throneInstead, there will be New tronists and new suitors. According to tradition, Maria will also catch a person from previous seasons. Among the most compelling voices there is the one who wants Federica Arversano back into the studio, the wonderful bellman who for some time tried to charm Matteo Ranieri, and was finally discarded in favor of Valeria Cardone.

Aversano’s fate still needs to be clarified and he appears to be interested in Alessandro Vicenanza and Riccardo Guarnieri. The woman did not hide her interest in Ricardo. Assigning her to the throne would be a “sure” choice for Maria.

Lily Pugliese could be on the throne, too. After the beating she had with Luca Salatino, she could have made up for it when the editorial team called her (she had already made it clear that she wouldn’t turn down an offer). Finally, on the male front, the premise of Andrea Dalla Sioba’s vision stands out among the protagonists. No vibration on opinion leaders, with one go reset.

And on the critics: Like every year, there are rumors of an alleged farewell to Gianni Sperti and/or Tina Cipolari. But, in fact, it was fully confirmed.

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