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From Stefano Montefiore

Party President “Squad!” He was in first place with only 21,000, ahead of the left-wing Nupes coalition led by Melenchon. Al-Ghawsh’s platform is already talking about “manipulating” the results. Marine Le Pen advanced, and was defeated by Zemmour. The boss may get a majority in the second round, but with such small numbers he will have a hard time fixing

from our reporter

PARIS – Elections in France: In the political battle to explain a vote less distinct than usual, Some fixed points.

Melanchon Alliance

Nupes (the left coalition led by Jean-Luc Melenchon) will probably advance next Sunday in terms of the number of seats, but he will not get a majority and as a percentage does the same result as in 2017 if in 2017 the results of the formations that make up it are added together. That is, the new union did not win new votes from the left.

Macron’s party loses seats

“Squad!” (“Together”, the party founded by Emmanuel Macron) is losing seats compared to 2017, but can still get an absolute majority.

Le Pen’s party is on the rise

Marine Le Pen’s national assembly will gain more seats and also advance in the number of votes, more than one million compared to 2017.

Chapter II

Even if it would have an absolute majority, a complex second mandate for Macron: a narrower rule, a war of succession at the gates (in 2027 he will not be able to reapply), strong opposition from the far right and the far left.

Who is in the lead?

The essence of things does not change much, which depends on the second round of next Sunday, but according to the Ministry of the Interior, the Macron alliance “Ensemble”! 25.75% ahead of Mélenchon Nupes by 25.66%.

allegations of manipulation

Melenchon shouts manipulation, because the ministry does not count some foreign candidates in the Nubians, while instead according to him – and according to Le Monde – It should. It’s a symbolic but important fight to allow Mlenchon to repeat the phrase “we won,” as he did last night.

Defeat Zemmour

Cool story: Between November and January, Eric Zemmour was everywhere, seeming destined to get rid of Marine Le Pen and challenge Macron for the presidency. Not only observers and journalists believed her, but also many leaders of the National Rally, who left the Marines to run quickly in Zemmour’s new “Reconquête” party. The mass insanity also led to ocean gatherings of 20,000 people. Then a sudden collapse. 7% insignificant in the presidential election, and yesterday the final defeat: Zemmour is eliminated from the first round and his party is 4% and no candidate will be able to enter the House of Representatives.

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