With Beilin he will do it twice as well

Stefano Di Martino sure of it! With Belen, the Argentine showgirl he married in 2013, he would be willing to do it even twice in a row. The former host and dancer of Amici, who was ready to debut in the cinema also as an actor, allowed himself to go to a revelation that leaves no doubts about his love for his ex-wife …

with belin could To do that also twice: This is a revelation Stefano Di Martinowhich was released during the last interview that anticipates his first experience as the actor to me Cinema. For the conductor and former dancer of Amici, in fact, a film career is about to open: Stefano Di Martino will play the sidewalker in The movie “The Most Beautiful Day”.

The two protagonists are a married couple, Pierre and Chiara (played by Viametta Secogna), and the entire film focuses on what happens around the organization marriage: From wedding planners to families, you will never lack for laughter and fun moments! Going back to the main theme of the movie, the theme Stefano Di Martino’s wedding Unbutton the buttons, revealing that…

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Stefano Di Martino: Are you ready to do it again?

Talking about Stefano Di Martino’s marriage He highlighted it as an ideal opportunity to build a comedy: “About the couple lives many other stories, and they will collect all the colors,” he said, giving a preview of the film.

also Stefano Di Martino He knows something about weddings. The conductor, in fact, is married / married The September 20, 2013 with Belen Rodriguez In dream mode, inSanto Spirito Monastery, in Novara. In spite of Separation In the 2015, Stefano Di Martino admitted that if it were up to him, he would repeat that romantic experience:

Weddings, in my opinion, are more boring than fun. My own, however, will do it again. Fortunately, when others invite me, I am always busy, let’s say I send my best wishes!

Now this with belin obviously back, Stefano Di Martino He may ask you again will you marry him? As was recently admitted, the two have now split: is another party on the horizon? Only time will prove!

Image source: Diego Tarrone photographer, @photo27

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