“Within certain limits. Pay attention, otherwise…” – Libero Quotidiano

Number one contender in the race, confirmed for the 2023 season Dancing with the Starsit will only be Ligonchio’s eagle, Eva Zanishi. To break the news, the singer herself was in an interview issued to Radio2 in coordination Thank you for the roses with Pino Strabioli. Zanicchi will be competing on Rai1’s most famous dance floor in preparation for her official participation.

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New from his last post in Sanremo Festival with the song I wanna love youEva Nazionale wastes no time and indulges in a new and unreleased adventure. to microphones Thank you for the roses He said, “You know I’m a speaker, can I tell you what I’m going to do in the fall? I’m going, because I wanted to, because it’s the last thing I had to do because I love to dance. go to the Dancing with the Stars And I go dancing. I told Mielle that I have no respect because I will also perform in rock ‘n’ roll.”

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However, Zanicchi has already warned the judge, who fears many of the program’s competitors: Wild LucarelliThe singer warned her in a frightening tone: “Within certain limits, Signora Lucarelli must be a little cautious. Selvaggia must not overdo it, otherwise if you get nervous, do you know how it is?”. We will definitely see some good things.

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