Xbox Game Pass Save over $1,500 in rewards on LoL and other Riot games –

As we have seen, Riot Games and Microsoft have agreed to introduce all major games of the company Xbox Game Passbut not only: various titles, such as League of Legends, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra and others, will allow you to access a large amount of bonus Using it from a Microsoft subscription and someone pinpointed it precisely how much do you save Play the respective titles on Xbox Game Pass.

After the announcement of Riot Games’ access to Xbox Game Pass, which occurred during the Xbox & Bethesda demo, DotEsports conducted an in-depth analysis of the rewards included in the accessible versions of Microsoft’s catalog of services, and discovered that the total savings are approximately equal to 1,545 USD.

Let’s see in more detail: League of Legends on Xbox Game Pass has more than 150 samples Already unlocked, it will cost you about 127,730 Riot points to get, which translates to about $850. League of Legends: Wild Rift has 82 unlocked champions, the total cost in Wild Core is about $545.

Valorant is available on Xbox Game Pass for all Agents unlocked from the start for a total of 19 characters, compared to the 5 base characters already available naturally plus the 14 characters that will be unlocked separately.

Riot Games on Xbox Game Pass

The savings in this case are 14,000 Valorant points, or $130. Legends of Runeterra has a complete foundation set unlocked in Game Pass, which will cost 1,845 coins or about $20. The evaluation of Teamfight Tactics rewards is more difficult, because in this case there is no specific amount of advertised items.

In any case, the total comes to about $ 1,545 in bonuses that are included in the use of various games on Xbox Game Pass, thus a really big savings for subscribers of the Microsoft service.

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