4 wonderful and effective secrets that will improve digestion in a short time as well as bowel regularity

Sometimes when we feel abdominal pain, cramps, pressure or air in the digestive system, we do not know the natural ingredients that can help us solve the problem and restore fast digestion and excellent intestinal regularity.

These natural ingredients are called “first aid for good digestion”, because they instantly relieve stress affecting the digestive system, often called the second brain of man.

Let’s get into the details and check out the practical and effective solutions to overcome these annoying problems.

4 great and effective secrets to improve digestion and regularity of the intestines in a short time

Sweet fennel essential oil is nothing less than a miracle for all the inconveniences affecting the digestive system, the reasons are as follows.

The high content of anethole makes this oil a center of energy against digestive problems: it fights painful spasms, makes the feeling of fullness disappear and stimulates the outflow of bile. Fennel essential oil appears to calm the calming enteric nervous system that flows through the digestive system, providing great help when anger and stress hit the stomach.

The recipe for a great elixir is as follows:

  • 6 drops of “sweet fennel oil”;
  • 4 drops of lavender oil.
  • Two drops of vanilla extract

Next, pour the liquid onto a piece of cloth and inhale deeply every 30 minutes.

The second secret is marjoram. Its essential oil has antispasmodic and constipation effects and ensures good digestion. According to some studies, this oil will also help the parasympathetic nervous system, the so-called resting nerve, which, among other things, controls the accumulation of body reserves. This is why this oil is so important in soothing insomnia and anxiety as well.

Here is the recipe:

  • Two drops of oregano oil.
  • 3 drops of tangerine oil.
  • 1 drop of rice oil
  • Mix with 10 ml of sweet almond oil.

Then grease the feet and stomach with the mixture.

The last two great remedies for digestive problems

Among the four wonderful and effective secrets that will improve digestion, the excellent cumin essential oil, designed to stimulate and strengthen the intestines, as well as reduce the feeling of bloating and heaviness that can be felt after eating. The oil is also great for purifying the air from the digestive system.

The luxury drink is produced as follows:

  • one drop of cumin, lavender and marjoram oil;
  • Mix with half a cup of milk and add a little water.

This drink should not be used during pregnancy and in case of cancer.

The fourth and final miracle ingredient is peppermint, for adults only, being careful not to use it on children.

If you experience frequent stomach pain, nausea, or diarrhea, these symptoms may indicate that you have irritable bowel syndrome.

Thanks to menthol, peppermint essential oil helps relax the muscles of the digestive system and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

Adults can gargle with a drop of the essential oil once or twice daily for a few minutes. The liquid is then spit out and not swallowed.

This solution is not suitable for children with asthma, epilepsy and children under 6 years of age.

The reader is reminded that these are possible alternative natural remedies. In this regard, we recommend the utmost caution in use.

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