A new live show is scheduled for late June, according to Alanah Pearce – Nerd4.life

Alanah Pearce may have revealed a file Date Next Nintendo Direct. According to a former IGN reporter and current writer at Sony Santa Monica, the next Big N Fair will take place on Wednesday. June 29.

The advice apparently came from Pearce involuntarily during a Twitch livestream where she was commenting on the Xbox Showcase news yesterday. Once he finalized the considerations for the Microsoft Show, he mentioned upcoming events scheduled, also citing the Nintendo Direct, set precisely for the end of the month.

When viewers indicated that the Kyoto House of Representatives had not yet made any official announcement on the matter, Pierce revised her agenda again, and confirmed the June 29 date.

Over the years, Alanah Pearce has built a dense network of contacts within the gaming industry thanks to her career as a journalist, so there’s a good chance the information is correct.

To find out the truth we just have to wait for news from Nintendo. A rumor previously indicated that June 15 is a possible date for the next live, but no matter what, the Kyoto house over the years has always taken advantage of the summer period to bring upcoming news to its consoles and we doubt 2022 will be the exception to the rule. , given the number of titles to be released in the coming months, such as Bayonetta 3, Pokémon Scarlet, and Violet.

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