A security vulnerability has been discovered in the Blu-ray Disc player for PlayStation 4 and 5. Allows custom code execution

Andy Nguyen, an information security engineer at Google, presented at the Hardwear.io conference, held last week in Santa Clara, California, A security flaw in the PlayStation operating system, which allows you to disable platform security checks and run unsigned code on console hardware. The trick is Vulnerability in handling Blu-ray drive for Sony consoles, which has been verified to work on PS4 and PS5 and can also be used on old PS3. Andy Nguyen has a long history of PlayStation exploits, having in the past made several jailbreaks for the PS Vita mobile device out of the scene, and deployed several security holes in the PlayStation 4 console’s operating system.

Obviously, the news caught the attention of the developer community who dreamed of being able to load alternative operating systems onto Sony consoles, since, for some time, it was officially possible to do so on the PlayStation 3. It would also make it possible to pack copies of video games. The tablet is able to bypass security checks, opening the doors to hacking. In the presentation slides posted on the Internet, this can be read The current hack works on PS4 with firmware lower than version 9.50 and on PS5 with firmware 5.00 and earlier. The PS5 digital version has been excluded, and it does not come with a Blu-ray Disc player.

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