A very powerful natural herbicide, for 1 euro you can get rid of all those pesky weeds in your garden

This natural herbicide is ideal for those who like to enjoy a lush and well-groomed garden, which is also healthy for the soil and the environment!

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You actually don’t need dangerous and harmful chemicals to get rid of the weeds that are destroying your garden! of course not. There are ecological herbicides on the market. But if you want to step forward and prepare for you Homemade herbicidesHere’s how.

Very powerful natural herbicide

Before we begin, a warning: Not everything we think of as cannabis is actually hashish. In fact, some of them have some advantages. Some, for example, drive away pestsOthers provide nutrients Or even edible.

Man spraying natural herbicides with portable sprayer
Man spraying natural herbicides portable sprayer – ReadQuotidiano.it

So before you get rid of what looks like weed, make sure it’s not “good quality weed.”

What is considered a weed can have dangerous effects beyond the purely aesthetic aspect.

Some of these plants, for example, attract and harbor parasites that They can damage our flowers and crops. Others reproduce and grow so quickly that they themselves become invasive.

Once you decide to get rid of weeds, choose this option to make a homemade herbicide. But remember, even if it’s homemade and natural, it should be Use with caution!

Herbs with vinegar and fine salt

It is possible to make a herbicide very low cost But we need 1 kg of salt but very effective to make the herbicide, preferably fine because it dissolves first in water which is a liter of vinegar.

All for a total cost of about 1 euro per 5 kg of preparation. In about 5 liters of water we will dissolve a kilo of salt and then pour a liter of vinegar.

This type of herbicide Recommended for small plants Which hasn’t become very powerful yet. It is enough to mix the vinegar with the water in which the salt is. The acid in the vinegar will kill the weeds. Therefore, the more acidic vinegar is used, the higher the proportion of herbicides.

Remove dry weeds with a yard knife
Eliminate dry weeds with a yard knife

It should be noted that vinegar is capable of killing Bacteria and fungi. Therefore, try not to let homemade herbicides penetrate the soil as they may kill the beneficial organisms of the soil and other plants.

Sodium chloride or common salt is a Herbicides used since ancient times. It is not surprising that, centuries ago, the armies that occupied a territory, poured salt on it, so that the inhabitants could not grow anything.

To use this compound comfortably, we can buy a suitable herbicide diffuser, in this way we will have enough quantity to cover the entire part to be treated.

So that we can steam everything with this wonderful product without any effort, after only 15 days the weeds we want to get rid of now will be dried out.

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