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The second event for Microsoft will be held today, June 14, 2022 at 19:00, specificallyXbox games offer extendedbut Aaron Greenberg calls to contain predictions Regarding the contents of the event, which will obviously be much more limited than the presentation on Sunday 12 June 2022.

For those who watched the same show last year – or have followed Microsoft events in general in recent years – this should come as no surprise: an “extended” event doesn’t usually report absolute news, but Insights about announced games It has already been shown in the context of the previous presentation, and is considered the main one.

Microsoft Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg wrote, “With many wondering what to expect tomorrow, you’ve seen all our news at Sunday’s event, the expanded broadcast will contain interviews It will provide a more in-depth context for discussion with the developers and the people working on some of these games.”

This is exactly what we saw last year as well: the expanded view contains mainly interviews and statistics with the developers, who explain in more detail some of the games already on offer. So we can expect new information and more details, but it is No more ads are likely to arrive Or surprise presentations.

It must also be said that during last year’s Extended event an unreleased video was released for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, which sets an interesting precedent, but it’s not certain that the surprise will be repeated this year as well. In any case, it will still be interesting to follow the ideas that will be held during the live broadcast starting at 19:00 today, which we obviously invite you to follow with us on our Twitch channel at Multiplayer.it.

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