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Adriano Celentano The car is really old, but the singer is especially fond of it: here are the details

“He who does not work does not make love” read a popular essay by the singer who made history on the show and in the Italian music scene. His songs have always been above expectations and always remembered that the future is not far from society: we are talking about him, Molleilato, Adriano Celentano. A man at other times was able with his music to promote some important values ​​in society. Songs we remember are Susanna, Azzurro, Via Gluck Boy, Stay Away From Me and Prigo Thanks, Oops.

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The singer had the merit of being one of the first to understand society and its development, bringing about change in customs, fashion, politics and evolution in every song and associating a style completely unknown especially in Italy in the seventies and eighties: Stone. Initially, the great Adriano started a band with the Rati brothers, seeing Franco on guitar, Marco on bass, Giancarlo on drums, and Echo Cerruti on second guitar. The group began to perform in various Milan clubs.

In 1959, in a long interview I talked about the evolution of the rock genre And what music and genre did she give him: “I started with tradition. At the time, rock ‘n’ roll was new, and if someone sang it it was a hit even if they sang it poorly. I imitated Bill Haley to joke with my friends, in a ballroom at Viale Zara. I had the setting, but other than that I was full on clothes. But in the meantime rumors were circulating that I was singing rock ‘n’ roll…”.

Away from music, Adriano Celentano has always devoted part of his interest to politics, and recently he has expressed his idea of ​​broadcasting White papersin which it was stated:I have always thought that the job of conductor of an orchestra is one that bears a great responsibility to the spectators. In other words, improve their guests […] But you, dear Berlinger, I didn’t love you at all last night with Paragon. I must say that you were not “white” .. I took it because of citing some facts revealed in the “Reporter”, which are also interesting for your show.

Adriano Celentano’s car, a gem like few others

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Despite the great success that has been achieved over the years, Adriano Celentano, unlike other celebrities, does not own the latest generation of cars, but has a car with which he is especially fond.

On more than one occasion he and his wife Claudia Morey were seen in their car, mercedes s600And the Produced in 1995, approved in Euro 1, Among those that pollute the environment the most. This, in fact, caused many controversies among environmentalists.

Despite his fondness, Adriano rarely uses the car today.

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