Alberto Matano, Husband’s first exclusive statement

If there is talk of anything outside but a wedding Britney Spears And that is (still assumed) between them Jennifer Lopez And the Ben Affleckin Italy marriage Alberto Matano It became popular on the web. On June 11, in fact, the commander joined a civilian with his comrade Ricardo Manino. Exclusively on the famous weekly newspaper FromThe first words of a cassation attorney who had never made a public statement before arrived, along with today’s big photo album.

Alberto Matano, for the first time speaking her husband Ricardo Manino

They’ve been together for 15 yearsAnd we saw his face for the first time on the wedding day: talking about Riccardo Manino, the new husband of Alberto Matano. same connector live the life He kept the love story hidden all these years, and revealed his homosexuality, during an interview with Corriere della Serajust a few months ago.

But who is Ricardo Manino? 55 year old cassation attorneyWe know very little about it. The couple cares about their privacy, but they want to share, on the pages From, The most beautiful pictures of their wedding day. And on this occasion the “mysterious” groom spoke for the first time:

“From the first moment, 15 years ago, I knew Alberto would be my life partner,” Ricciardo stated on the pages of Alfonso Signorini’s weekly. A steadfast love that has not been scratched by the passage of time, finally crowned with this ceremony.

“Family members, friends and colleagues, as well as many ordinary people were close to us on this important day,” Alberto Matano added. “Hmm, we have been swept away by a gigantic, unexpected and very gentle wave of love.” The host, a few days before the wedding, shared during one of the last episodes of live the lifethe joy of this moment, as well as doubts and anxiety before yes.

The wedding of Alberto Matano and Ricardo Manino

Alberto Matano and Ricardo Manino finally joined a civilian June 11At a touching party hosted by an exceptional guest: Mara Vinier.

The journalist and his companion said yes at the wonderful resort of Labico, outside Rome. Among the about 200 guests there were also several well-known faces: Senator Pier Ferdinando CassiniClaudio Santamaria with Francesca Parra E Raul Bova with Rossio Muñoz MoralesRay directors Stefano Coletta, Antonio de Bella and Simona Sala.

As Mara Vinier revealed that it was she who pushed them to marry, Just two months agoimmediately stirred up the regulatory machine: “When I saw them together I said why don’t you marry? I sat with them, I looked at them for a moment, I saw their looks, their eyes, their touch with so much love and was touched. From there it all started, the whole machine. We decided the date together.”

In short, Aunt Mara made love again triumph, not on screen but in real life.

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