All matches and announcements for the event on June 13 –

The Capcom 2022 It just finished and brought many with it Ads and gamesmany of them are already known but others are new, completing a very rich overview regarding the coming months for Osaka’s house, particularly in Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, but not only: so let’s do Summary of all the news appeared.

The live show ran from midnight between June 13-14, for about 35 minutes and was a good focus, with plenty of info and some trailers provided. At first we saw a long presentation dedicated to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, in particular with a trailer that revealed the return of Gore Magala and Espinas, as well as a demo coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on the new expansion Maxi. In addition, Capcom has also announced several free updates coming after launch.

Then move on to the discussion Exoprimalthe dinosaur shooter shown in a new trailer, with Capcom also announcing for the occasion a new network test coming in the coming period, which will allow you to try the game before launch in order to test the online multiplayer game.

After talking about it again Street Fighter 6 With the same trailer shown in Sony’s State of Play and Capcom Arcade Stadium 2, there was also a short space for Dragon Doctrine, but only to announce the 10th anniversary event, waiting to find out what it is. The show then moved to the Resident Evil series, the great hero of the event.

regarding Resident Evil VillageShadows of Rose DLC announced with a trailer and release date, is an interesting addition to the story that tells the story after the epilogue, with a new take on a third-person perspective.

Always linked to Chapter 8, the third-person mode and mercenary news were announced, as well as the release date of the multiplayer game Resident Evil Re: Verse.

Then there was room for Resident Evil 4 Remake, with the presentation already shown in the State of Play. However, some short snippets of unreleased gameplay were also shown on video afterwards, allowing you to watch the game in action. At the end of the presentation, it was also announced that the free update for PS and Xbox Series X | S and PC with next-generation graphics is now finally available.

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