Amadeus, Open Heart Conductor: “It seems to be the only medicine…” | Shocked fans

Host Amadeus talks with his heart in hand and reveals details that leave everyone speechless: That’s what it is

One of the leaders of the orchestras among the most respected and loved by the Italian public, known for managing two editions of the famous Sanremo Festival very well, is, Amadeus. A man of great talent now had the opportunity to prove it several times. One of her hit shows is The Usual Unknowns – The Return and she recently gave a confession that left everyone speechless.

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Since he was a boy, the guy has always had clear ideas about his future in the entertainment world. The man graduated by admitting that he finished his studies only to please his parents and he is one of the few who became famous for his undisputed talent by demonstrating at the Italian Song Festival, one of the most important musical events in Italy.

The director of Rai commented on his work, Stefano Coletta, who expressed his deep appreciation to Mosul and what he was able to achieve despite the period of the epidemic that the Italians lived through. At a press conference, the director of Rai expressed his thoughts on the presenters: “At Sanremo with Ariston with an empty audience, he made us understand that Fiorello and Amadeus were heroic. With Maneskin Ama making the revolution, an indication that Rai1 knows how to tell time, he’s close to young people.”

Moreover, at the last press conference for the 2022 festival, he admitted a phrase that wowed everyone: “The festival made a fuss, the second made everyone calm and kind, and that was scary.”

Amadeus confessed to a drama he had experienced for so long and above all what was the strength to defeat him.

Drama and Cure Amadeus

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Work, like many celebrities, is really demanding and can cause a lot of anxiety and stress, Amadeus recently stated in an interview with Ok Benessere.

The conductor said it was especially Concerned and worried, especially with regard to health. up to the point”. This even led to a prolonged hospitalization with bad nephritis, a condition that marked him.

He completed: Work seems to be the only medication that can calm my anxiety. Not only does stepping into the scene cause me no excitement, it actually makes me feel deeply relaxed and at ease. Much more than a sedative or a cup of chamomile tea.”

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