Amoranth criticized buying gas stations after petrol price hike –

Amouranthan entrepreneur, content creator and model, recently responded to some criticism regarding its purchase of certain service stations, in the midst of an increase in Gasoline prices.

One user said Amouranth to be ashamed From being involved in the fuel industry because it harms the masses and does not care about 99% of the population. The content creator responded, however, that service stations fall under the distribution category and that having more stations in the market increases competitiveness and pushes the market to lower the price of gasoline.

it is clear that fuel price It is in no way identified by Amoranth. Remember, the woman invested $11 million in Circle K and 7-Eleven with the goal of saving money on taxes.

Amoranth certainly doesn’t just deal with gas stations; He recently produced Streamer Royale on Twitch: Here’s what it was, who won and how to see it for free.

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