Andrea, the prince who was expelled from the royal family trying to restore the public scene-

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The Duke of York, after silencing the rape lawsuit, tried to compensate her by participating in the ceremony of the Order of the Lace. But William, with Carlo’s support, gets in the way

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London – Either me or him: Prince William’s warning It was dry. If his disgraced uncle Andrew had attended the centuries-old garter ceremony in Windsor on Sunday, the Duke of Cambridge would have made a dramatic transformation. Then the queen agreed, albeit reluctantly, to tell her favorite son that he had to step aside.

It was a family decision, they knew it Buckingham Palace. But it was actually a behind-the-scenes showdown that happened at the last minute. The program of the ceremony had already been printed and distributed: it included Andrea in a procession, even before William, and then seated for the religious service. a General return of the Duke of Yorkwho had been trying desperately for months, after the rape case against him was piled up thanks to an extrajudicial sum of €15 million.

But William, attentive to the mood of public opinion, got in his way, with the support of his father Carlo. In the face of the two future kings Nate, even the Queen had to agree, Although you still have a soft spot for Andrea. And so he had to make do with just being there for the inauguration and the subsequent lunch, all behind closed doors, out of the eyes of the paparazzi.

The Andrea’s case remains the royal family’s biggest headacheEven more so than Harry and Meghan. The Duke of York is considered an outcast in the eyes of his subjects, after being involved in vile events Jeffrey EpsteinAmerican billionaire tycoon friend: Andrea accused of sexual violence by one of Epstein’s underage slaves, that Virginia Roberts Giuffre who later withdrew the case only after paying a large sum.

But as a result Andrea is effectively banned from the royal family, deprived of all military titles and the possibility of being called His Royal Highness. Even if he continued to profess his innocence and was planning to accept it again: he surprised everyone in March when he blatantly accompanied Elisabetta to Mass in memory of Prince Philip.

Andrea knows very well that the Queen, while she is alive, is her only card to play: and thus during covid he was especially close to her, often visiting her. On the other hand, I notice that He has always been my favorite sonCompared to that miserly man of Carlo. So Elisabetta is in a difficult situation: she has no heart to completely shut the door to Andrea, but Carlo and William are very clear in saying that there is no possibility of rehabilitation.

They’re the ones who made sure Andrea was canceled by the last jubilee
: No appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace Along with other members of the royal family and even the divine infection from Covid that kept him away from Mass in St Paul. Perhaps also for this reason, Andrea tried to compensate him with the ceremony of the Order of the Lace, of which he is still a member.

This is the Britain’s oldest and noblest knighthood Sunday was the occasion for the inauguration, among other things, of Tony Blair, who drew a dose of boos from hundreds of protesters (a million signatures have already been collected calling for the Queen to withdraw the title). Camilla was also honoured, another step towards her accession to the throne as the future queen. But they did not want to risk a direct public challenge against Andrea: and so it was conveniently concealed. At least until the next gravel is defused.

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