Awarded to the General. Honorary Son of Society Membership History of Medicine

Honorary membership of the Italian Society for the History of Medicine was awarded to General Francesco Paolo Vigliolo. The ceremony took place last night in the theater room of the Ruggiero Settimo Barracks, part of the historic complex of the 16th-century San Francisco de Paula Convent, today one of the buildings of historical interest for the military in Palermo. The Pedagogical-Cultural Association of Palermo is among the most important in Italy and Europe.

The president, Professor Adelvio Elio Cardinale, wished to take advantage of the general’s visit to Sicily “to learn concretely the role he played at the helm of the chaotic structure of the fight against the epidemic”. “The insight that General Figliolo has put logistics at the basis of the fight against Covid-19 – as Professor Cardinal emphasized – has also managed to increase the confidence of citizens and health professionals.” General Figliolo thanked Prof. Cardinal, Assembly and Division General Maurizio Angelo Scardino, military commander of the army in Sicily, “my viceroy for the fight against the epidemic with whom I am united by a deep friendship.”

“I have never stopped my verification activity on the ground, without which it is not possible to effectively control and obtain the desired results. Today, Italy, thanks to all the actors involved, civil and military, is a reference point in the world in the fight against Covid and in the regulation of vaccinations for citizens”, said Figliolo. “I’ve made some important choices – and he continued – to balance the amount of available vaccines with health-related needs and the functioning of the Italian system.” “The merit of the Commissar Figliolo in the efficient organization of the vaccination system is undeniable – noted Gaetano Armao, Vice-President of the Sicily Region – even in Sicily where, we must remember, the constitution of the kingdom already in 1812 provided for the compulsory vaccination of its citizens.” This morning, at the headquarters of the Directorate, in Palazzo Steri, General Figiuolo will speak on “military values ​​at the service of the country in the fight against the epidemic”. University President Massimo Mederi edits the introduction. a. Gioacchino Lavanco. It is run by journalist Adnkronos Elvira Terranova.

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