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Matteo Berrettini’s victory record

18.38 Thanks everyone for following us and good evening.

18.36 Let’s look at the match stats: 21 aces and 3 double faults for Blue vs. 4 aces and 4 double faults by Dan Evans. Very high percentages for the Italian who made 70% of the first places with 82% of points and won the first and 37% with the second, eliminating 6 break points from 6. 55% of the first points on the field for the British with 60% of the points with the first and 55% with the second, providing four break points out of 7. 71 points for 57 won by the Romanian.

18.34 Matteo Berrettini became instantly strong in his debut as a Queen’s Champion against Dan Evans. In an hour and thirty-six minutes, the blue flies in the second round against one between Denis Kudla and Lorenzo Sonego, currently on the field. The Romanian tennis player is continuing a great moment of his fitness after winning in Stuttgart and managing a tough opponent like the host who eliminated three match points and gave him a tough time in the second set.

second end group

6-3 Matteo Berrettini Matching Game Set! Blue flies in the second round.

4th Match Point 40m – Berrettini!

40-40 answers from Berrettini who closes in flight

AD-40 Evans reverses the episode!

40-40 Ice of Evans

40 – Slightly off Evans’ acceleration and match 3 point

Another 40-40 points eliminated by Evans

40m ball still breaks right through

40-40 Wrong Retinal Closure by Evans with VOLÉE قانون Law

AD-40 Italian answer evaded.

40-40 Evans with the small grid! Persistent peritoneal invasion.


40-40 double fault of the British.

AD-40 outside Ace Evans.

40-40 tie back to London!

AD-40 Ace is out #31 in the world.

40-40 Amazing Passage by Mathieu!!!!!! One hand extended backwards on EVANS DIAGONAL RIGHT

40-30 Evans back loops on tape.

40-15 answer number 10 for the online world.

15-30 Evans Termination Error.

30-0 is excellent before the British.

15-0 Surf and Evans winning ball.

5-3 Perretini survives a very difficult match!!!! Three break points canceled by the Romanian tennis player.


40-40 slander in law in Corsa dei Beretini

40-AD BALL BREAK EVANS!!! Another chance for the British

40-40 Service and Roman Law.

40-AD Reverse Streaming by Evans with Net CAPS

AD-40 ACE is out Matthew!

40- Ball break for Evans! The Briton begins the exchange again and the Blue is in trouble.

40-4 Evans extends swap and game! Berrettini arrived exhausted on the backhand.

AD-40 Bene Berrettini with First Foreign Service.

40-40 away from Evans’ law code on Berrettini’s attack

30-40 shaving and double breaking Evans

30-30 Berrettini again leads on the bar.

15-30 The British answer is online.

15-15 Berrettini places first on the outside.

0-15 Evans wins the first point in the eighth inning.

4-3 An excellent return for the host tennis player in a service match.

40-30 Berrettini’s correct recovery stops at the bar in search of passers-by.

30-30 Evans finds a great solution in law.

15-30 great response from the Italians with a backhand.

Another 15-15 pcs of pyrites! Evans rebounded with a backhand on the net.

15-0 the first 31st place in the world.

4-2 Brittany stays ahead! Evans has to give something extra to get back together.

40-15 away from Veronica Evans! Toxic britney lube.

30-15 long answer from Evans.

15-15 along the right Britney to heal.

15-0 the first to body Britney.

3-2 Evans remains linked to the group but late break.

40-30 service and reverse number 31 in the world.

30-30 first in Central Evans.

15-30 The Romans answer is not very loose.

0-30 Berrettini Hammer right and establishes the defense of Evans!

0-15 Evans directly on the network is out of service.

3-1 Perrettini saves again and breaks”

AD-40 first blue exterior.

40-40 Ma won Evans interchangeably! Loeb in subnet recovery and smashing a winner recovery from the baseline.

AD-40 Evans responded online.

40-40 peritoneum quickly eliminates the chance of an outbreak!

30-40 Evans break ball! What a response from the British

30-30 Berrettini net closing.

15-30 first Italian middle.

0-30 Pass Evans through the lob!

0-15 Britney is slow to let go.

2-1 first game of the group for Evans.

15-40 long peritoneal response.

30-15 first British middle.

15-15 Evans Termination Error.

15-0 good ahead of Evans.

2-0 break confirmed by Berrettini!

The first 40-15 is out of the blue.

15-30 Error leaving periretini service.

30-0 Evans replied on the net.

15-0 double figure from Ace Perettini.

1-0 double fault and Perrettini break!

15-40 balls for immediate breaking of the peritoneum.

15-30 Double Fault by Evans.

15-15 deep peritoneal response.

15-0 good ahead of Evans.

Start the second group

17.32 Matteo Berrettini won the first part in 37 minutes of play for 6 games versus 3 strong from the 8th inning break: Dan Evans could have reopened everything considering the last two game chances.

End of the first group

6-3 Perrettini’s first set!


40-40 another unstoppable service by Berrettini.

30-40 good before periretini.

15-40 Two anti-burst balls for Evans!

15-30 Excellent first of 1996.

0-30 Error leaving Roman service.

0-15 Evans attacks in response to forehands.

5-3 peritoneum break up!

30-40 Service and British Law.

15-40 first two breakout balls for Berrettini!

15-30 Evans is slow off duty.

15-15 deep response from Roman; The British are in trouble.

15-0 Evans pulls Berrettini! The subnet can’t do anything blue.

4-3 The blue who stays ahead in the partial gets away with it.

AD-40 Italian shot and shot winner.

40-40 let Berrettini serve slow: We go to the advantages.

40-30 well before the Romans.

30-30 on goal Brittney shot after being discharged.

30-15 Evans replied online.

15-15 ace hero.

0-15 What a parade at the Evans Network! The crowd lined up for the favorite house.

3-3 the game is zero for Berrettini.

40-0 long answer from Berrettini.

Good 30-0 ahead of Evans.

15-0 Evans winning goal.

3-2 Brittany tops the first group.

40-15 Run away from Evans’ answer.

30-15 The first to body Britney.

15-15 Romanian volleyball is online.

15-0 ace from Perrettini.

2-2 game at zero for 31st place in the world.

40-0 cm Evans II.

30-0 Answer Row 1996 evaded.

15-0 straight streak from Brittney who has Evans recovering in the back.

2-1 Italian Central Ice.


30-15 right fence of the blue.

30-0 Brittany’s first midfield.

15-0 Roman Ace.

1-1 Evans’ first convincing serve match.

40-30 along the peritoneal recovery period.

30-30 serve and right on the British tape.

30-15 Evans serves and wins the ball.

15-15 The first home tennis player is an ace.

0-15 Evans network error.

1-0 zero service in Berrettini’s first appearance.

40-0 long answer from Evans.

30-0 serve and the right of the blue.

15-0 Brittany’s first midfield.

0-0 starts in London! The first appearance of the defending champion in the central court.

Start the first group

16.48 Dan Evans also returned from success on the grass, or in Challenger in Nottingham. The Englishman defeated Jordan Thompson in the final, 6-4.

16.46 players on the field! Beats blue: warm-up is in progress.

16.44 Whoever wins will be challenged in the next round between American Dennis Kudla and blue Lorenzo Sonego, with a possible derby on the horizon.

16.42 Matteo Berrettini returned to the field after winning the Stuttgart Championship, which coincided with his return to the field after 84 days. The Blues won their sixth career title by defeating Andy Murray 6-4, 5-7, 6-3.

16.40 The third challenge of the day on Central Court will begin soon: the second confrontation between the players, the only previous confrontation dates back to last year on London turf, when Blue won 7-6 (5) 6-3 AI the quarter-finals.

16.37 CASPER RUUD ALSO! The No. 1 seed, on his debut with the best rating as the No. 5 in the world, left the scene against the British wildcard Ryan Penniston.

15.34 Casper Rod suddenly loses the first set! Major talent Ryan Penniston won the tiebreak by 7 points to 4 after one hour and eight minutes.

14.41 #5 seed Diego Schwartzman was ousted on the spot: Sam Querrey wins 6-1 6-4 on his debut. Now on the field is top seed Casper Rudd, 2-1 ahead of wildcard Ryan Penniston, then Blue!

14.39 Good evening OA Sport friends and welcome to the live broadcast of the challenge between Matteo Berrettini and Dan Evans, valid for the first round of the men’s singles tournament in the ATP 500 for the 2022 Queen’s Championship.

Match schedule between Matteo Berrettini and Dan Evans – Matteo Berrettini’s comments before Wimbledon – Matteo Berrettini’s standings after Stuttgart – Matteo Berrettini’s success in Germany against Andy Murray

Hello OA Sport friends and welcome Live broadcast of the match between Matteo Berrettini and Dan Evans, valid for the first round From the men’s singles competitions in the WTA 500 Championship for the Queen 2022. The second confrontation between the players: The only precedent goes back to last year on London grass, when the Blues won 7-6 (5), 6-3 in the quarter-finals. Whoever wins challenges the next round between American Dennis Kudla and Blue Lorenzo SonegoWith a potential derby on the horizon.

Matteo Berrettini returned to the field after winning the Stuttgart Championship, This coincided with a return to the field after 84 days. Blue won its sixth professional title by defeating it Britain’s Andy Murray For 6-4 5-7 6-3, repeating the 2019 success obtained for Felix Auger-Aliassime. The London journey begins for the defending champion, who did not drop any sets last year, to the final and started with a win over his compatriot. Stefano Trafaglia with a double 7-6.

A somewhat balanced and complex challenge for both considering that too Dan Evans is back from success on the grass or in Challenger in Nottingham. The Englishman defeated Jordan Thompson in the final 6-4: A clear path at home where he also beats the Italian Thomas Fabiano. #32 In The World Defending Last Year’s Quarter-Finals: The points defense begins for the Brits who want to get back to the top 30.

OA Sport brings you live broadcast of the match between Matteo Berrettini and Dan Evans, valid for the first round of the ATP 500 men’s singles tournament for the 2022 Queen’s Championship. The third match is scheduled from 12.00 local time, 13.00 Italian time on central field After Sam Querrey’s matches against Diego Schwartzman and between Casper Rudd and Ryan Peniston. It will be possible to follow it live on Sky Sport Tennis, while the live broadcast will be guaranteed by SkyGo and now: Enjoy and come to Italy!

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