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Gabrielle Marchetti had an accident while filming the TV broadcast. Four people for trial

Paulo Bonolis He once called Gabriel Marchetti’s wife and son. These two calls occurred in the days following the accident. A few months later, however, Bonolis’ wife searched for Marchetti’s wife, because she was interested in knowing how my client was doing, says the attorney Federica Magnante, the lawyer for a man who is paralyzed in an accident while participating in an episode of Ciao Darwin, led by Bonolis. As revealed by lawyers and as confirmed by the attorney general, Marchetti recently withdrew Complaint against the perpetrators out of transmission, after being compensated by Rti. On the amount of the amount there is the most stringent reserve.

A dramatic story, as Marchetti himself told Corriere della Sera: my days are boring And a long time since I can’t do anything, there are no activities. I Completely free of autonomy I totally depend on my wife Sabrina and my son Simon to do every day of the day. And again: I have always worked and devoted myself to the family. It was the memory of that cursed day On April 17, 2019imprinted in memory. It worked, as always, on the other hand. Then around 11 I went to Titanus TV studios to record the show. I was happy with the news that I was able to participate in a TV show and get a new experience. As usual, I joined my son Simon and my wife Sabrina on this adventure. I thought I’d have a different night and have fun.

during the test gynodrome
which is a game that features a kind of running in precarious equilibrium on the rollers, The accident: I ended up in the water upside down, my legs twisted and my arms folded – he recalls – I thought I was going to drown because I couldn’t move anything. Then I heard the rescuers who immediately intervened. Upon awakening, the tragic verdict: Quadriplegia forever. For me it was a complete meltdown. I felt hopeless, like my family finding ourselves from day to day with life completely turned upside down.

Paulo Bonolis He never looked for me to find out how to talk with Marchetti to Corriere, nor did the people close to him call me. At first, only one person from the production contacted my family by phone and email to find out about my physical condition. They made themselves available for any of our needs. Then there were no further contacts. Then the lawyer of the man himself clarified: Bonolis was looking for his wife and son, and not directly for him.

Four people are on trial for receiving very serious lessons about the accident: Sandro Costa and Massimo Porta (of Rti, merged into Mediaset), as well as Massimiliano Martinelli (Maxima) and Giuliano Giovanotti (Sdl 2005), who took care of the equipment and selection of participants.

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