Brunori is a bomber of all tournaments, Juventus is a treasure. And the market is going crazy

Turin – Matthew BronoriThe 28-year-old on November 1, Juventus’ royal card since 2020, is ahead of the moment, with a very long list of teams competing for him, after 29 goals per season – the top scorer in Italy’s professional leagues – scored in Palermo, thanks to him the Sicilians are back to Area B after three years. As also in Serie A, Cremonese were the first to move, with several players at stake with Juventus, Sampdoria and Salernitana in the aftermath. In the second division, he would like him half a class, especially Frosinone who would like to take advantage of the good relations with Juventus, reinforced by the deal, in order to get him. the cats. Brunori was bought by Juventus U-23 club when he was already a magician in C but had no luck with the young Bianconeri, thus, things did not go well when he went to Entella. But then there was an explosion in Palermo to change everything, so much so that this Italian-Brazilian maca could also end up in Mancini’s landmarks as of next fall. Prior to last Sunday’s final with Padova, Brunori ended up in the crosshairs of the Sicilian crowd, as he got married close to the main match. The event did not affect anything, Brunori was again the best on the field, and coldly recognized the penalty that decided the match. As for his future, there may also be much ado about nothing: by early July, Palermo should transfer to the Sheikh’s football team. victorious. Who can be the richest potential brunori buyer, converting the loan into a purchase. It is clear that Juventus is in no hurry to fix it. And it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to let him do a few days off with the first team, to assess their growth, before deciding on his future.

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