Character creation inspired by the study of DNA fragments –

As pointed out via Reddit, the character creation system for starfield – Bethesda’s new role-playing game introduced recently – seems to be based on a system DNA analysisspecifically for gel electrophoresis lines.

As explained by the author of this post on redditmade “gel electrophoresis” that allows you to separate all the different pieces of DNA by size. You put the DNA in a large block of gelatin and pass an electric current through it. Since DNA is naturally negatively charged, it is repelled by a negative electrical charge at one end and the charge is attracted Electropositive at the other end.”

“Because of this, the DNA begins to move across jelly, but longer DNA moves slower because it gets confined to the pores of the gel (large = slow, small = fast). Ultimately, gelatin has a gradient of DNA samples separated by size, with the longer DNA at one end and the smaller DNA at the other.”

This procedure is used in all types of Molecular biology experiments, but also for DNA sequencing. So it makes sense that for the genetic aspects of your personality… this is the indicator [per la selezione delle caratteristiche fisiche]. ”

We don’t know if Starfield’s menus were designed with scientific rigor or if they were stylistically inspired by this type of DNA sampling procedure. Anyway, it’s a file Interesting details.

We also found that Earth could be one of the planets in the Starfield.

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