Compulsory masks: Possible to extend until September 30 on transport in hospitals and in the RSA – News

Rome. Possible extension of the commitment mask In transport (“the busiest places and where there is still a little caution”), in RSA and hospitals until the end of September. This is the hypothesis and the “understanding” that appears as tomorrow approaches when the Council of Ministers decides to use masks.

Stop after June 15 instead at theaters, cinemas, and indoor sporting events. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health said: Andrea Costaon Radio Capital, stressing that “the restrictions are very few so far.”

As for the final exams“Going from a commitment to a recommendation ‘to use the mask’ I believe is an act of trust and a choice of consistency and common sense. Another sign of a return to normalcy. It was difficult to maintain when an 18-year-old boy was able to vote without having to,” Costa stated. to wear a mask, and a week later he was forced to wear it for the final exams.”

He concluded, “What we have to note very carefully is the data on the stress on our hospitals, and fortunately this data today is completely under control.”

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