Dark circles: could be the alarm for a serious deficiency

Dark circles, or in any case, very dark, are not just a defect that focuses attention on our eyes

They are definitely not pretty to look at. Impurities that make everyone suffer a little, not just women. But if you notice that you have dark circles, don’t think about limiting surgery to cosmetic issues only. Or through cosmetics. Perhaps this is a signal your body is sending you.

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Dark circles, or in any case, very dark, are not just a defect that focuses attention on our eyes. But it is often associated with very pale skin and a scrawny face. In short, woe to only looking at them is something that has only to do with our appearance. Thus, with our ego to always be beautiful and complete.

Of course, when it comes to our body and our physical health, we always encourage you to turn to our doctors and specialists. Do not think that the article can give you the answers that only science can give. Of course, we can tell you that our body warns us when something is wrong.

As well as very dark dark circles They could be a spy or an alarm bell. Because of stress and fatigue, for example. But also for insufficient and satisfying sleep. Or to a bad diet and thus to dehydration.

Vitamin deficiency

And nutrition in particular is one of the causes of dark or very dark circles that we focus on today. This obnoxious defect, in fact, did not appear as such, out of nowhere, without cause. But it can be the result of a deficiency or a deficiency.

Kiwi (web source) 18.5.2022 DirectNews
Kiwi (web source)

In this sense, it is essential to eat well. And we have often emphasized the amount of fruit and vegetables as essential, but often underestimated in our diet, which favors the classic “offs”. While that, The defect of dark circles can be due to a lack of vitamins of groups C and K.

We can treat not only with supplementation (and even in this case, we advise you to consult a doctor), but also with nutrition. In fact, vitamins C and K are found in many fruits and vegetables. It is, however, good too. Some examples: from kiwi to citrus, passing through strawberries, grapes, cranberries, lettuce, broccoli and tomatoes.

As you can see, these are very popular foods, moreover, they are very tasty. So we monitor the value of vitamins in the body. Vitamin C deficiency is usually manifested mainly in the sequelae associated with the skin. Of more concern is vitamin K, which fights the fragility of capillaries. Having too little in your body can increase your risk of bleeding.

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