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in a remote area of Siberia, the exact location has not been revealed yet, two miners enjoyed blasting a poor innocent bear. the reason? There is no specific reason for this act, perhaps out of boredom, they decided to revitalize their cold day. As documented by photos taken by the miners themselves, the two lured the animal with food and once lured the Bataturk.

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The victim of a vile stunt was a brown bear. “Here he comes. Get ready.” “It smells.” And then, again, “We’re close” are the words that leaked from the video. According to him Prophet To intervene in the case has arrived Vladimir Burmatova member of the Russian State Duma since 2016, who has called for justice.

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Here is a video of the explosion captured by the Daily Mail:

Lured with food, the animal was detonated by explosives hidden in the snow. Pictures posted by 6IX World News And they show that the poor monster completely falls into the miners’ trap. This violent ambush also seems to refer to another cruel incident, that of killing a pregnant elephant in India not so long ago. The method of action is very similar, the animal was lured with food but this time there were no bombs: the pineapple used as a trap was full explosive material Which caused his death.

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