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With Draghi’s mission in Israel, we’re talking again of the pipeline that should bring new supplies of natural gas to Italy. A new strategic gas route now that the government has launched an emergency policy to diversify energy sources after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The main file of the visit is actually the energy profile, from the topic of developing renewable energies, such as hydrogen, up to the 1,900 km Eastmed-Poseidon gas pipeline project.

Draghi’s strategy

After signing an agreement with Algeria, which will lead to an increase of 9 billion cubic meters of gas when fully operational, Prime Minister Draghi is looking to Israel. A country that does not have gas fields in its territory but discovered an offshore field in 2010, about 130 kilometers from Haifa, the third most important city in Israel. We are talking about a country that has already been exporting natural gas to Jordan since 2017, from the Tamar field, but Leviathan, thus the field was renamed maxiAllows to export huge quantities. Reserves are estimated at 600 billion cubic meters, in addition to 300 from the Tamar field. It is natural gas destined for export also to Egypt, but with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the idea of ​​establishing a connection with Europe no longer seemed very far. A few days after the field began operating, the Israeli Energy Minister, Yuval Steinitz, said: For the first time in its history, it became an energy exporter. The natural gas revolution has made us a powerful energy center and is not only giving the state huge revenues, but also a significant reduction in air pollution.

Work on site

For gas transportation, they are used for infrastructure. The good news is that a gas pipeline project from Israel to Italy has already been approved. Let’s talk about the so-called project EastMed-Poseidon, which will connect the Levant Basin (in the waters between Cyprus, Israel and Egypt) with Greece and then with Italy. Another gas pipeline, outside the tap, its path again affects Puglia. While the construction and commissioning of TAP for gas transportation from Azerbaijan, where 7.2 billion cubic meters of gas transported in 2021 to the coasts of Salento, for Poseidon, with the expectation of landing in Otranto, remained on paper.


But what advantages will it bring? with With a capacity of 12 billion cubic meters per year, the work has been developed since 2008 With a total investment of $6 billion. The last extension of EastMed-Poseidon also with the Italian signature. Designed by Igi Poseidon Sa (50% of Italy’s Edison, 50% of Greece’s Depa International projects), a 210 km gas pipeline will connect Greece and Italy. The development phase has also progressed: the Poseidon division is currently ready for the construction phase, having received all licenses in both Italy and Greece.

It will connect Poseidon with a scheduled landing in Otranto, Italy and Greece, while the EastMed road reaches the Israeli coasts.


The topic is timing. As stated by Edison, it will take three to four years to complete the work and according to the latest restriction from the permit, signed by Minister Roberto Cingolani, construction work should begin only in October 2023. It remains for the strategy, given the geopolitical context of the work that, as mentioned, to 1900 km with increased performance in terms of flows. Dr..In fact, the gas volume of 12 billion cubic meters per year can reach a maximum of 20 billion. Not so little at that time from Italian dependence on Russian gas.

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