Draghi travels to Israel and is looking for a solution to gas. East launch or alternatives: the EU needs the fields in the Mediterranean

Before Mario Draghi And the Ursula von der Leyenand then Joe Biden. to me Jerusalem The energy agenda is deeply felt and the visit of the Italian Prime Minister, along with the number one of European Union Commissionreassuring an ally who said he was concerned about the Italian-American position on the role of turkey As a diplomatic player in The war in Ukraine And for the silence of Rome a dayIranespecially in light of Stop at the Eastmed pipeline.

From the top, officially focused on war crisis And to determine possible Super mediumDraghi ready to collect pops Naftali Bennett The vergeit that has been around for weeks. Thus, the Eastmed pipeline excludes Turkey Washington Stop it, not because of the high cost, but as a double result: imagination alternative methods to exploit deposits Leviathan And the Back In the eastern Mediterranean, as well as managing the new negotiating power that has been handed over into the hands Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Israel Gas Center
Israel has changed its position in the past five years, moving from importer to exporter of natural gas in light of new discoveries. For these reasons, and other than the official meetings that Draghi held with the government, as well as with the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Muhammad ShtayyehIn the West Bank, a calibrated conversation with Bennett about future energy strategies that will be written and finally implemented as soon as possible is important, both for not staying hostage to prices after a farewell. Russian gasin order not to increase the burden on the pockets of families and companies.

there Italian-Israeli Energy CooperationSo another possible scenario cannot be ignored: the ground stations in Israel, EgyptAnd in order not to lose Turkey and Italy the added value of the brutal fields such as Zohr and Leviathan to be linked to gas tankers. A step back, technically speaking, compared to Click on perspectivethat is, the existence of a highway that transports gas from producer to consumer, but in fact a compromise, perhaps to the negative side, in order not to further complicate the geopolitical game taking place in The Mediterranean Sea On which the Biden administration is struggling to set a fixed point.

Political geography and the Turkish role
Everything revolves around the role of Erdogan, who long before the rejection at the entrance Sweden And the Finland in BoySensing the great potential of the Eastmed gas pipeline to its competitors, it has reached an agreement with the former Libyan government Fayez Al Sarraj For an exclusive economic zone between Turkey and Libya, but spoiled by a formal error: that water mirror between the two friendly countries cuts the sea in front of CreteIt is a Greek island and a member of the European Union. But apart from some official protests, Brussels And the Washington They let her go and today there are three total emergencies to deal with like wheat crisisgas one and humanity in Ukraineeverything else physiologically takes a back seat, even Turkish claims on the Greek islands or on gas a Cyprus. This passage, on the other hand, is felt by Israel, which in recent years has reached an excellent level of cooperation Nicosia And the Athena.

So the Draghi-Bennett dialogue straddled the path of a more intense relationship on gas: European countries need to be “protected” as energy costs continue to rise, and to get approval from Israel’s energy minister, Karen AlhararTo meet the request of the European Union. The problem is how to bring about 1000 billion cubic meters It is located in Israel.

USA and the Mediterranean
On the other hand, the United States has been reducing its involvement in the Middle East for years, although Biden confirmed, after his visit to Israel, that in Kingdom Saudi ArabiaWhere was the discussion about petroleum And the electric cars It is geopolitically relevant. Biden should visit too East Jerusalemas organized by the Assistant Secretary of State for Eastern Affairs in Israel and the West Bank Barbara Leaf.

But Washington is no longer the focus of strategies in the Persian core: I think that Turkey will begin to transfer 10 million cubic meters of gas per day from the field SakaryaIn the black seato the national transportation system as early as the first quarter of 2023. This announcement by Erdogan, while constructing the first offshore pipeline in favor of cameras, further muddies the picture that could see countries neighboring the Euro-Mediterranean slope fail to exploit the abundant gas present in Israel’s waters Egypt and Cyprus because of the veto, which was handed over to Ankara.

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