Dragon Dogma, 10th Anniversary Event: Date & Time – Nerd4.life

Dragon Doctrine The protagonist will be special Event to celebrate 10th Anniversary From the series and who knows, perhaps to announce the future of the franchise. We will be able to follow the presentation on the night between June 16-17, 00.00.

The opening of the site to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dragon Dogma, which happened a few days ago, inevitably revived hopes for a possible confirmation of new part: We’ll see if that’s what Capcom has in mind.

The site says: “Dragon Dogma, first released in 2012, celebrates its 10th anniversary!” “Thank you, Arisen, for taking up arms and taking on impossible challenges.”

“We are forever grateful for your support over the years and hope you’ll join us in this historic celebration of the Dragon’s Dogma!”

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