Electric scooters: the cheapest models to buy with incentives | Here’s which one to choose

Thanks to state incentives, it will be possible to purchase electric scooters, but there are some that are more qualified than others. Let’s see what the experts say.

In order to better buy some items, the best you can do is to rely on the words of those who understand. Thanks to the web, there is a lot of news on this topic, and ease of making the final decision will be possible only after careful attention to the right information. It places countless black and white details on the network, which can only prepare the clients of this segment in the best possible way.

Some parked electric scooters (WebSource)

While electric scooters do not have much of a following from hobbyists in this segment, scooters of this type are among the most purchased by citizens. Thanks to environmental bonuses, the state allows you to save a lot of money, due to an important maneuver aimed at the sustainability of the city. This can help address climate change that is about to get worse year by year.

This is a very high saving, ranging from 30% to 3000 € and a discount of up to 40% and up to 4000 €. However, in the latter case, a car of the same class, but one certified by Euro O, must be canceled up to Euro 3. In the next paragraph we will show the 50 cheapest electric scooters, which can also be by spending less than 2000 euros.

The cheapest electric scooters to buy now

There are some really accessible models that students can also buy, since they are part of the L1e class and can be driven with B and AM licenses. Below we will list those that cost less, but, nevertheless, have qualities that allow to perform well.

electric scooter
Electric Scooter (web source)

What costs less Lifan E3. In fact, the starting cost is 1,990 euros, But through incentives you can save more by making the above percentage reductions. Then there is Super Socowhich starts at a base price of 2090. However, with an increase of only 9 euros, there NIU UQi Sport.

Off the podium we find the Wayel W1, which starts at 2299. At the same price is the Niu MQi + Sport. By increasing the price, of course, the performance will improve, so the Wayel W2, Yadea G5, Piaggio One, AskollES2, Horwin EK1 and Yamahaa Neo are also worth mentioning.

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