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Ilenia, a twenty-year-old girl from Turin, enters the women’s bathroomFrom a nightclub. find others there three men Who make fun of her boyfriend because he has long hair and feminine features. But if the object of the harassment pretends not to hear her, Ilenia reciprocates. Summarizing the news so far, In a women’s bathroom crowded with males, a girl publicly defends her boyfriend From a bad joke that others did not tell her, but rather him.

Instead, two instigators disappear The third approaches Ilenia and shoots a punch in her face, causing her to break her nose. A man who hits a woman unfortunately is only heresy while the motive of his gesture.

in the head of the ignorant She should be punished for daring to do something like a boy: Defend your partner. But the novelty of this story is not over yet. After Ilenia plays the knight, he suddenly shrugs and does the opposite of what the rules of manhood might dictate.

Don’t think about tribal revenge, but He turns to the two institutions he trusts: carabinieri and social networks (a recent story, I told you). First report the beating, then later He posts his swollen face on TikTokAnd the identity of the thug drawn by her boyfriendHe urged followers to avoid any pursuit of witches and to assist law enforcement in their search. What a woman from yesterday. our.

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