Farewell to Abraham Yehoshua – Culture and Entertainment

The famous Israeli writer Avraham Yehoshua passed away this morning. This was announced by Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. The funeral will take place in the afternoon. He was 85 years old.

For decades, Yehoshua has been a staunch advocate of a negotiated solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, along with two other famous Israeli writers: Amos Oz (died December 2018) and David Grossman.

Over time, the three became a constant point of reference for the Zionist left and their opinion – in Israel and abroad – was often put forward about current events. Joshua was very well liked in Italy and many of his books were translated. Among them: “Mr. Money”, “Journey to the End of the Millennium”, “In Praise of Normal Life”, “The Lover”, “Friendly Fire”, “Late Divorce” and “Only Daughter”. After a marriage of more than 50 years in 2016, he was left a widow, which made him prostrate frequently. In recent interviews, released when he learned he was seriously ill, he said he looked forward to dying quietly, although he said he was very concerned about Israel’s political and social future. The funeral will be held in the afternoon at a secular cemetery south of Haifa. Joshua left behind three sons and seven grandchildren.

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