Felipe is still complaining about Prudence

Felipe and Lolita / One Life

Felipe and Lolita / One Life (Photo by Mediaset)

Aurelio thinks he has satisfied Genoveva’s curiosity and has agreed to David work as a stockbroker. Whatever the case, Salmeron is still investigating the man and trying to seduce him.

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The opening of the field is close now but Ramon still doesn’t want to know anything.

Marina offers her help to Lolita in organizing the opening. Meanwhile, Lolita herself receives a letter from the Conservative Party.

Felipe is still complaining about Prudencio.

Liberto realizes that he does not have enough money to renew and thinks about who can apply for the loan.

Guillermo told Casilda that there had been a misunderstanding and that he loved Azucena. At this point, the maid agrees to help him understand the girl’s tastes and interests.

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