Gasoline price: 50% of the violations of the inspected distributors were revealed – news

In the first five months of 2022out of 1,320 direct interventions on the price charged at petrol stations, Finance Police check well 690 violations. Practically 50% of distributors practice “inflated” prices.

These violations include mandatory reporting to the Ministry of Economic Development of the cost at the petrol pump and compliance with reporting and quotation obligations.

Tax fraud and speculative maneuvers

The government was able to put together an extraordinary action plan, implemented in the first months of 2022, to try to solve the critical situation of the increase in gasoline. In this plan, the Guardia di Finanza is the central part and its role is to intervene in support of judicial activity, together withAntitrust. The main focus is on speculative maneuvers that harm consumers but also tax fraud in the energy products sector which leads to dumping compared to honest operators. The work of the Guardia di Finanza brought to light the consumption of 177 thousand Tons of energy products are subject to fraud.

Expensive fuel: price cap proposal

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