Gf Vip 6, a few Vipponi for Alessandro Bacciano’s birthday?

1st of last June Alessandro Bacciano He blew out his first 33 candles, and organized a big party in a club in Naples, where Phoebe would have many friends. For the occasion, the businessman also gave a lengthy interview to the weekly Chi with his girlfriend Sophie Codegoni. The couple – who met and fell in love right at the Casa del Gf Vip – have admitted that they will soon expand their family..

The data that appears to have not gone to the ex-partner of Alessandro Bacciano and Clementina Derrio. In fact, the woman posted a story on her Instagram profile A story referring to “Parents who don’t care about their children, but then talk about wanting more”. He didn’t mention the names, but to the folks of the web it sounded like a dig at the businessman, father of his son Nikolo.

in the last days Alessandro Bacciano He is at the mercy of other rumors regarding his birthday. As I mentioned Biccy.itSeveral Vippos had deserted the party, sparking some indignation among the managers of the club that hosted the party. also Alfonso Signorini He would be upset, because he would have found an exclusive in his newspaper with very few VIPs. In fact, the only ones who attended were Gianluca Costantinoan old friend of Alexander And the Geocas Casilla. Many of them were absent Soleil rises, In those days in Honduras.

Birthday parties for competitors of the latest version of Gf VIP Looks like they don’t have a lucky star. also Lulu Selassie He had to face the same ‘problem’ as bachianoSo much so that he also had to change the date due to the numerous defections.

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