GF Vip’s lovable face retires from ‘I hang my look on TV’ scene: the reason

A career too long and then stopped: GF Vip’s lovable face decided to retire for a very specific reason he wanted to reveal

Taking a break from TV is more than healthy, just think of Alicia Marcuse who did it 25 years later or Elisa Eswardi who just vanished. Even the well-known face of GF Vip opted to retire for an indefinite period.

Alfonso Signorini, host of GF Vip (Image: Facebook)

Sunday inAnd the your workAnd the Miss ItalyAnd the I recommendedAnd the I leave you a songAnd the Zikeno Doro and columnist in GF VIP: Baby He decided to leave the TV. A formidable career of years and years of experience in television and film but above all a lot of music that Enzo my guns -That’s his real name- He decided to put him in standby mode.

after the experience a TV8 And last year as a juror on the Zecchino d’Oro, the Tuscan singer actually disappeared from television without being overly concerned because he was convinced he would be back. In fact, Baby He has no intention of returning, at least not for the time being.

Bobo decides to disappear from TV: The reason for the decision has been revealed

GF Vip 5 commentators, Antonella Elia and Bobo, during the reality show finale (Instagram photo).
GF Vip 5 commentators, Antonella Elia and Bobo, during the reality show finale (Instagram photo).

As a columnist for GF Vip, he liked him very much, but this TV is clearly not for him because he is talking to the journalist Mario Luzzato Figs He confessed: I have decided to put my TV appearance on hold. I find myself very little into this TV. Lots of people go there to show off and say trifles. The cannibal has become, an end in itself, a self-referential one. If she appears on TV, I must have something exciting to say. What TV pays doesn’t change my life. I am not interested in increasing my popularity. These theaters with legendary artists like Bobby Solo or Fausto Leali are only good for the program and few and nothing for those who participate. So there is no television unless it is a stimulating and entertaining TV show. But at the moment he is not speaking..

A blow is not the only one I fired Baby Who is not happy with the evolution of television in recent years. In addition, he took the opportunity to remove another pebble from his shoe in second place in the Sanremo Festival 2010: “We did win, but something strange happened in the final vote for the top three. I can’t name the people I spoke to in those moments. The real winners were us and I had a huge debt of gratitude to Ray who was so good I didn’t want to mess around”.

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