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The famous singer became the protagonist of some confessions during his last interview. That’s what he said

Enzo Genazi He devoted himself to the Italian record industry thanks to some of the songs he interpreted which were a crazy hit. in the name of the stageBabyHe made himself widely known by the public who especially appreciated his very own voice.

Bobo (web source)

During the many years of his career in the entertainment world, the sixty-six-year-old Tuscan participated in many shows broadcast TV. He is in fact a very well known face even to viewers, who saw him, for example, last year at work as a columnist for the fifth edition of big brother vip.

Thanks to his sympathy, he was chosen by the owner of the reality show Mediaset Alfonso Signorini. The latter, along with Pupo, chose for the occasion Antonella Elia. But commentators were not particularly convincing, which is why they replaced the director of “Che” this year, and put Adriana Volpi and Sonia Bruganelli in their place.

Singer Bobo announces his farewell to TV

In a recent exclusive interview with Corriere, the artist stated that he decided to give up TV. The singer’s fans will definitely not be happy with his words, who will feel so much pain because of him Advertising by Enzo.

I’ve decided to put my TV appearance on hold. I find myself very little into this TV. Lots of people go there to make out saying nonsense. The cannibal has become, an end in itself, a self-referential one. If she appears on TV, I must have something exciting to say. What TV pays doesn’t change my life. I’m not interested in growing my popularity,” says Bobo, who was in this way bidding farewell to modern television that was no longer reflected in him.

Bobo (web source)

After another note, the sixty-six-year-old reopened a small one chink As for the future, but only under its exact circumstances: “These theaters with legendary artists like Bobby Solo or Fausto Nights are only useful for the program and few and nothing for those who participate. Hence There is no TV unless it is an interesting and interesting TV show. But at the moment he is not speaking..

So we learn from the artist’s statements that if he is offered to lead a stimulating program for him, he may even consider acceptance. However, such occasions are not expected to happen at the present time Unfortunately in the near future we will not see it on the small screen, with Sorry to all of his fans.

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