“He is next to himself. And if Ukraine falls, the next Baltic states will be.”

He was the first prime minister of Vladimir put it inBut Michael Kasyanov He couldn’t even imagine in his worst nightmare that his ex-boss would start a war in it Ukraine. In an interview with AFP, the former prime minister (2000-2004) explained that he expected the conflict to last up to two years.

Kasyanov, who had close relations with the West as prime minister, said that he, like many other Russians, did not believe in the weeks before the war that it would actually happen. Kasyanov He said he understood that Putin was not only cheating when he saw him summon the country’s leaders to a Security Council meeting three days before the invasion, on February 24. “When I saw the meeting of the Russian Security Council, I understood that yes, there will be war,” he said. I know these people and I looked at them and saw that Putin had lost his mind. Not in a medical sense, but in a political sense.”

Kasyanov’s story

After Putin kicked him out, Kasyanov He joined the Russian opposition and became one of the Kremlin’s most vocal critics. He is now the leader of the opposition People’s Freedom Party, or Parnas. Over the past 20 years, Kasyanov said, Putin has succeeded in building a system based on impunity and fear. These are the results of a system that, encouraged by Putin as head of state, began to operate more pessimistically and ruthlessly than in the last stages of the Soviet Union. Basically, this is the KGB system based on complete illegality.” Kasyanov He said he left Russia because of the war and was living there EuropeBut he refused to reveal his whereabouts, fearing for his safety. Kasyanov predicted that the war would last for two years and said that it was necessary for Ukraine to win. “If Ukraine falls, the Baltic states will be next.”

the future

Speaking of the future, the former Prime Minister finally made it clear put it in He will be replaced by a successor “controlled” by the security services. A head of state, however, will not be able to control the system for long, and eventually Russia will organize free and fair elections. “I am confident that Russia will return to the path of building a democratic state. It will be difficult, especially after this criminal war: we will need about a decade to get rid of corruption “

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