Heart attacks: what if they could be predicted 5 years ago with a simple eye exam? The study that shows how

Recent research has determined how to predict people at risk of having a heart attack. With a simple eye test, researchers were able to predict the risks about 5 years ago

According to one study, a simple, non-invasive eye exam may be able to predict Risk of having a heart attack.

The researchers found that combining information about the retinal vascular pattern with traditional clinical factors enabled them to better determine the risk of a heart attack.

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I study

The researchers used data from the UK Biobank, which contains health and lifestyle records of 500,000 people, to calculate a measure called fractional volume.

They then combined it with other factors such as age, gender, systolic blood pressure, body mass index, and smoking status.

In this way, they were able to better classify the participants with risks Heart attack Low or high, the retina allows you to view the blood vessels and assess the health of the blood vessels.

The average age of a heart attack is 60 years, and they found that their model had its best predictive performance more than five years before the attack occurred.

They hope that in the future a simple retinal scan will provide enough information to identify those most at risk to help patients take preventive measures.

Clearly, more research is needed to validate this method. It will also be necessary to work to understand the feasibility of this approach, and to identify how best to integrate these examinations into routine clinical practice.

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source: European Society of Human Genetics

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