Here is the area where it costs the most

The cost of gasoline is increasingly worrying. In a certain Italian region, the situation is out of control. here where.

The general economic situation is increasingly worrying. Families, especially in recent years, have had to suffer a truly alarming increase in prices. Currently, one of the thorniest topics is definitely Mighty Gas. Prices continue to rise and the situation is becoming increasingly alarming.


The government immediately ran to hide with cut production fee. But, according to experts, this measure did not affect the pockets of Italians in the least. Indeed, thanks to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, this measure had no effect on the general situation. Now the problem has become more urgent.

As we can see, the situation is not improving. Even in the summer light, they may be New increases in gasoline. An aspect that really worries consumers. Not all prices are the same in Italy, and one region in particular seems to be getting out of hand. This area of ​​the luggage compartment would have come at a very high price.

Gasoline, price increases are frightening: in Trentino more than 2.10 euros per liter

The Trentino region is starting to worry. In fact, very alarming increases have already been recorded in many municipalities. between Rovereto And the TrentoFor a few weeks, the cost of gasoline has exceeded 2 euros per liter. in countries like tyun or Pinzolo The price of fuel has come Exceeding €2.10 per liter. To illustrate how the situation seems completely out of control.

Among the many issues addressed in politics, there is again talk of high gasoline prices. In fact, many politicians are asking the government to intervene as soon as possible. One of the latest proposals started from Democratic Party. The Left Party proposed a price ceiling for at least two months. This is to put a temporary buffer on the cost of gasoline. In order to avoid the price touching unprecedented heights.

However, the situation affected not only Italy. Another nation also has many difficulties in this regard. We are talking about Germany Who is in a very similar situation to ours. Even in the Teutonic country, prices do not fall even after the government introduces cut production fee.

Even in this case, the procedure presented did not bring any benefits. In this regard, the Minister of Transport requested an emergency meeting to try to act immediately. One suggestion that can be pursued is the price of gasoline administered by the Federal Cartel Inspectorate. Attitude, in a certain sense, to separate from the field free marketor.

As we can see, the difficulties are related to more Countries. On the other hand, consumers hope for an immediate change of course as the situation has become unsustainable. Waiting for the development of this sense, there 3 apps to help you save on petrol. This can help drivers to know the different prices at different stations.

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