Here’s what to wear this year in weddings and important occasions to be beautiful, elegant and modern

The pandemic has slowed our lives down for so long, so it’s only natural that many couples now want to recover. This is why we are surrounded by wedding invitations and invitations to other important celebrations.

Therefore, it is up to us to find the right gift and dress. In fact, we often find ourselves in the same circle of people, and therefore many do not like to reuse the same look. That is why it is convenient to have a suit or an additional suit, considering also that the weddings will last until September.

This year we are allowed to observe, without overshadowing the bride, of course. So let’s go bold with bright colors, oversized and out of the ordinary sewing lines. At the same time, on these occasions, we avoid wearing white or extravagant dresses.

Here’s what to wear this year in weddings and important occasions to be beautiful, elegant and modern

Looking at the fashion shows, we notice that in terms of formal dresses, this year brings some news without compromising the classic style. Just take a look at the selection of some fashion houses such as Dolce and Gabbana, which offer chiffon dresses with enveloped busts and voluminous and floating. The skirt is pleated, especially the fashion for spring summer 2022 and the neckline is sweetheart. We can also choose skinny straps, puff sleeves or off-the-shoulder dresses.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this year’s dresses are the bright colors, although there is no shortage of classic pastel shades. This seems to be the go-to for silk dresses, which lightly wrap the body, and not just a detail during a summer party. It’s an upscale choice, but it doesn’t tend to forgive extra weight.

For those who prefer to camouflage a large tummy and thighs, there are boho or tight dresses, which are almost reminiscent of cover-ups. So they are perfect for outdoor celebrations where sleeves and skirts can float in the wind. Here’s what we’re wearing this year to make us feel good.

Necklines and accessories

If a plunging neckline is to be avoided, we can show some skin by revealing the back or opt for a short dress.

However, it seems that the trend prefers simple dresses with some exciting and unexpected details, and then dares to wear accessories. For example, we can combine a simple silk dress with jeweled shoes or pointed sandals in bright colors. We don’t even have to use clutches only, but we can choose shoulder bags.

Even glasses can become an interesting detail, especially if they have important, geometric frames.

To orient ourselves instead among the colors we’re wearing this summer, just take a look at our list of the season’s most stylish colors. We might be surprised what great designers inspire us to choose.

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