Hotel Rewards: Here’s all the news

The hotel reward has allowed applications to be submitted since yesterday Monday 13th June 2022. But beware, the reward is not for tourists, but for those who own a hotel and want to make renovations. Let’s see what the requirements are and how much will be paid to the beneficiaries.

It will be available to everyone Hotel owners and the likewhich is a bonus for making renovations thanks to the sale 65% tax deduction. The ceiling in use will be 200,000 euros, and it will relate to several interventions that can be implemented including: building renovation, removing architectural barriers, increasing energy efficiency, adopting earthquake resistance measures, purchasing furniture and furniture components.

The government has allocated well 380 million euros In this regard: Let’s know the details of the story!

Hotel Rewards: Questions at the beginning

the hotel

As it was said then, since yesterday June 13, 2022 It will be possible to present Questions for hotel bonus. Collection can only be done online, starting at 12 noon on the day mentioned above. However, the time available is limited, in fact the deadline has been set June 16, 2022 at 1 pm.

Each company or owner of hotel facilities can submit only one application to participate correctly in the bonus. so for Companies that run more than one facilityThey will have to choose which of these to implement the interventions.

How to apply

the hotel

Let’s see now How to apply to participate in the hotel reward. The subject must be in possession of the various ways of digital identities: SPID, CNS or CIE is now a practice to access government-prepared rewards. The application can be submitted on the appropriate platform.

Once the form is filled out, the application must be completed by placing electronic signature and deliver the PEC address. Once the procedure is complete, an electronic protocol and related receipt will be issued.

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