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Take the chair again Tony Capuzzo. And the war correspondent shakes up his theories countercurrentLed program Veronica Gentile On Rete 4, the episode is on Sunday, June 12th. There is talk of the conflict in Ukraine and the abbreviation of Kapuzu: “If you give weapons, you can’t mediate. It terrorized Europe itself.” In short, there are many doubts about the line taken by Brussels in connection with the invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin.

Our only hope is Putin.  Capuozzo outside the box: Because Europe is in the hands of the Kaiser

“In these three months and the post-war period, I did not see a European political line, slowly, slowly going to insult the European entity,” Capuzzo added. So, a rhetorical question, the meaning of which is very clear: “How do we distinguish ourselves from the United States? What progress have we made in European foreign policy and common defence? There is also a certain degree of confusion regarding the timing of Ukraine’s entry into the European Union,” he asserts cunningly.

So the war correspondent keeps saying that In his view, Europe “embarked” on a specific position of the conflictexcluding the possibility of showing himself from the beginning as a reliable interlocutor of a peace agreement between Kyiv and Moscow: “When you lay down arms you cannot be a mediator,” he repeats.

I want to understand why you use this word: disruptive Capuozzo on TV, reveals a very bitter truth

Finally, contemplate the repercussions of this war: “It is easy for the United States to take a step backFor us, it is difficult to move. We must hope that Putin is satisfied with what he has taken and that he does not risk wanting more: one thing is to control Donbass, where he has a social base on which he can rely, and the other is to control a hostile territory,” concluded Tony Capuzzo by revealing all his fears for the umpteenth time.

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